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Amazing Tea. Delivered.

Featured tea: Gingerbread Chai

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox.

We were thrilled to deliver this winner in December’s teabox. It’s got adorable little gingerbread men quins, just for fun! Set in a luxury Ceylon base, this spicy and fragrant blend is likely to invigorate your mood as well as your teacup. Like Grandma’s fresh gingerbread, you need just a bit more…

Happy Steeping! ♥

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Clean your teacup with this easy trick

It happens to the best of us.

We reach for our favourite mug or teacup, anticipating the warm comfort we will enjoy in just a few moments…

And, well, the view is slightly less than savoury:

A stained teacup

A stained cup.

For those of us who drink tea a lot, this buildup can happen rather quickly. So, what’s a tealover to do?

Don’t worry, friend. There’s a very simple trick for solving this problem. It’s quick, easy, and uses something you probably have in your cupboard already.

Baking soda

Namely, baking soda.

Simply place a dab onto a moist sponge or dishcloth, then wipe down the inside of your cup.

It works like a charm. The dirt easily lifts off!

Works like magic!

Crisp white and beautiful again

That’s more like it, eh? Now on to the good stuff…

Happy steeping! ♥

Do you have any favourite tricks for keeping your tea gear clean? Leave us a comment below!

3 tips for the perfect cup of tea

that 1

Use filtered water

If you use tap water to make tea, your infusion will have the flavour of…well, tap water. And that’s just so sad. Defend your luxury tea from corruption by using a water that is pure; like spring or filtered water.

that 2

Use the right water temperature

Boiling water is not a one-temp fits-all solution. Some teas (like white and green teas) are more delicate than others (like black and fruit teas) and will turn bitter when steeped with boiling water. For a quick reference on which temp is right for your tea, check out our handy guide here.


Set a timer

Just like water temp, different teas require different amounts of time to achieve the optimal infusion. Most fruit or rooibos teas can be steeped until you drink the last sip, while green teas should not stand in the water for more than three minutes. This guide also has info on the right amount of steeping time for each tea type.

(Of course, for the perfect cup of tea, you’ll want to use a high quality loose leaf tea; and for that, our subscription boxes can help you out.)

Happy Steeping! ♥

Featured tea: Tiramisu

Tea and coffee…rivals?
Not so in this surprising but oh-so-tasty rooibos blend. Now you can enjoy the flavours of the classic tiramisu dessert, while leaving the calories behind!

Delicious contents: Rooibos, chocolate chips, brittle pieces, caramel pieces, natural flavouring, yogurt granules, citric acid, coffee beans, chamomile. (Contains caffeine. Contains soy, nut, and dairy.)

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox. Tiramisu was featured in April’s teabox.


Got questions about our teaboxes? Check out this FAQ page.

The tea lover’s best friend

Making the perfect cup of tea is easy. On the other hand, it’s also easy to miss; particularly with more delicate varieties of tea.

The trick is to know and follow the “rules” of steeping.

Did you know that each kind of tea has its own rules? Yeppers. Things like water temperature and steeping time can have a dramatic effect on the end result.

For example, water at 100° (boiling) can turn green tea bitter, leaving an infusion that is far less than optimal. Green tea should be steeped with water that is around 75° (Wait a minute…does this mean it’s possible that some people who believe they don’t like green tea…have really never had a properly-steeped cup?! *gasp* How tragic!).

But never fear! We’ve got the rules laid out for you in this quick reference chart. Like a good friend, it’ll be there for when you need that helpful advice on getting the perfectly steeped cup.

(By the way, for Rooibos and some Fruit teas, you can actually leave the steeping for as long as you like, as they won’t turn bitter with over-steeping; 5 minutes is just the minimum. Also, generally speaking, 1 heaping teaspoon of dry loose tea for 1 cup of water will do the trick).

Happy steeping! ♥

Steep the perfect cup of tea


The Tea Lover's Best Friend

Are you a tea lover? A subscription to delivers tea happiness to your mailbox every month!



Featured tea: Strawberry Sunshine

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox.

For those wondering what little collections of awesomeness come in each teabox, here’s a partial answer. March featured one of our favourite fruit blends, affectionately known as Strawberry Sunshine.

Like a sunshiny day in your cup, this blend creates a zippy infusion of sweet strawberries with lemon, orange, and of course, vitamin C! Regular exposure recommended (no SPF required).

Delicious contents: Apple pieces, rosehip pieces, orange pieces, hibiscus petals, calendula petals, natural flavours.

Happy steeping! ♥

Strawberry Sunshine

Got questions about our teaboxes? check out this FAQ page.

6 reasons why a subscription to makes the perfect gift

Gift-hunting can be complicated… Or, it can be really, really fun, especially when you’re thinking about that special someone in your life that you want to see smile. Let us assist in this process by submitting to you 6 reasons to consider giving a gift subscription to

  1. It’s personalized. Each box is mailed to a specific person’s address, with their name on it. And each box is carefully hand-packaged with love.
  2. It comes in the mail, and that’s exciting. When it comes to bills, mail is no fun. But when it comes to fun boxes filled with tea happiness, mail is like being specially selected to get an extra dose of awesomeness.
  3. It keeps the happiness coming. The excitement begins when you explain that you’ve purchased a gift subscription. Then it continues when the lucky person receives their first box and starts to experience each of the teas. Then it happens all over again the following month, and the next, for the duration of the subscription, and with every steeped cup! They’ll think of you each time, and of what a thoughtful gift-giver you are.
  4. It’s unique. This is nothing like the well-worn ideas of socks, scarves, and perfume. A gift subscription to offers a unique experience as well as an amazing product.
  5. It’s healthy. You know, chocolates, cakes, or other sugar-filled treats may not be the best way to express goodwill towards someone. Antioxidant-rich teas, on the other hand, are not only fun, but good for you! Why not go with something on the healthy side?
  6. It’s totally fun! A subscription to is not for you if you’re the really practical, need-to-buy-something-essential type of person. But this is totally for you if you’re looking to pamper someone you love, just because they deserve it.

So, what do you think? Ready to sign up? Be sure to leave a personal gift message on the checkout page. For more details, check out our FAQ page. For gifts, we recommended choosing from one of our 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month prepay options (and if you’re in the mood for treating yourself while you’re at it, sign up for our month-to-month subscription!).

Happy gift-giving!

Seize the day. Drink amazing tea.

Listen to some of the great contemplatives, and you’ll hear that leading a happy, inspiring life involves a certain ability to take joy in the simple things. Colour, sound, warmth, sunshine, beauty…

Here’s the interesting thing: it takes a moment. Actually, it takes being in a moment. To honestly smell the roses, you do have to first stop … Take a pause, breathe, and with the delight of your senses, seize the day.

That’s what excites us most at You see, a cup of tea is not merely a cup of tea. It’s a moment relished. We believe that by delivering amazing loose leaf tea, we are really helping you take a moment to experience the delightful.

And we know it’s in the simple things: the aroma that greets you when you first open the tea package, the colours of the leaves (and flowers or fruit pieces or nuts or whatever may be in a particular blend), the delicate swirl of the water as the steeping begins, the moment of anticipation while the infusion is forming, and of course, the flavour that dances on your tongue from the first sip to the last.

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our amazing tea subscription box. We have taken great care to assemble the components of a delightful experience, starting with the moment you receive the box in your mail. And with three new teas delivered each month, it’s an experience you can repeat over and over again: never exactly the same, but always beautiful.

After all, who doesn’t need more relished moments?  ♥

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