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Use filtered water

If you use tap water to make tea, your infusion will have the flavour of…well, tap water. And that’s just so sad. Defend your luxury tea from corruption by using a water that is pure; like spring or filtered water.

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Use the right water temperature

Boiling water is not a one-temp fits-all solution. Some teas (like white and green teas) are more delicate than others (like black and fruit teas) and will turn bitter when steeped with boiling water. For a quick reference on which temp is right for your tea, check out our handy guide here.


Set a timer

Just like water temp, different teas require different amounts of time to achieve the optimal infusion. Most fruit or rooibos teas can be steeped until you drink the last sip, while green teas should not stand in the water for more than three minutes. This guide also has info on the right amount of steeping time for each tea type.

(Of course, for the perfect cup of tea, you’ll want to use a high quality loose leaf tea; and for that, our subscription boxes can help you out.)

Happy Steeping! ♥