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Featured Tea: Cinnamon Fig

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox.

Sometimes these chillier November days call for a tea that’s smooth and soothing. Here’s a blend that’s up to the task; where the rounded sweetness of fig is nestled in a full-bodied black tea, with a hint of warm cinnamon.

Yummy contents: black tea, organic cinnamon pieces, natural flavours.

Happy steeping! ♥



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Featured tea: Lemony Goodness

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox.

In Canada, October tends to signal a definite move into chillier days. With this in mind, we wanted to deliver a great go-to should you find yourself a little under the weather.

It’s a smooth and creamy pairing of green tea and green rooibos, blended with the bright, citrusy flavour of lemon; not to mention the immune-boosting benefits of rosehip, orange peel, and lemongrass. We think it’s perfect for when you need that cold-fighting comfort, or just a lovely pick-me-up.

As we like to say, sometimes, life gives you lemons… and they’re delicious!

Yummy contents: green tea, green rooibos, lemongrass, orange peel pieces, rosehip, natural flavours.

Happy steeping! ♥

Lemony Goodness Pinterest

Got questions about our teaboxes? check out this FAQ page.

THIS CHANGE IS BIG! (Twice as big as before, actually)

We are super excited to share this news. It’s like party central around here. Turn up that music…

Our teaboxes got a makeover.

We know, they were pretty lovable before, but they just got even better.


For one thing, the boxes are a little bit cuter (well, we think so).


For two things, they’re easier to open, with a new easy-tab tear-strip design (thanks to our friends at Packaging Logistics).


For thing three… and this is the REALLY big one…

They now contain double (yes, double!!) the amount of tea! That’s right. Still three fresh blends of amazing loose leaf tea, only now twice as much!

We are over the moon to offer these improvements, at no additional per-month cost. Our current subscribers received the first of the now-more-awesome teaboxes this month.

Speaking of which, did we mention, we love our subscribers?! They’re amazing. They each deserve the best quality tea experience we can deliver.

Until next time… Happy Steeping! ♥

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Featured tea: Jewel of Spring

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox.

For those wondering what little collections of awesomeness come in each teabox, here’s a partial answer. April featured the delicate and pretty Jewel of Spring.

The beauty and intense aroma of fine white jasmine flowers have long been used as enhancements for luxury green tea. Here they are interlaced with dainty little rose buds. Like a garden in bloom, this tea celebrates the beauty of spring!

Delicious contents: Green tea,  jasmine flowers, rose buds. (Contains caffeine.)

Happy steeping! ♥

Jasmine flowers and Rose buds

Make a peppermint matcha latte


  • ½  – 1 tsp. (adjust to taste) Peppermint Matcha Pick-me-up green tea from
  • ¼ cup hot water (not boiling)
  • ¾ cup milk (your choice of dairy or almond or coconut or soy)
  • ½ tsp agave syrup (optional)


1. Gently heat the milk in a saucepan until hot. Congratulate yourself that you washed the dishes, and thus have a clean saucepan readily available.

2. Place the matcha in a mug or teacup. Muse about its bright green colour, and become intrigued about the process that creates such a fine powder.

3. Add the hot water to the matcha and thoroughly whisk. Realize that when you drink this, you will be consuming the entire green tea leaf – its tiny particles suspended in the liquid – with all of its health benefits.

4. Pour in the heated milk, and continue whisking to combine evenly with the matcha mixture. Chuckle at how no one pronounces the “h” in “whisk.”

5. Add the agave syrup and sweeten to taste. Stop and observe the drink for a moment, with its frothy bubbles and creamy-mint colour. Breathe in the arousing peppermint aroma wafting upward. Now, take a sip. Let the earthy flavour surprise you, as it shifts into a satisfying sweetness on the back of your tongue. Enjoy the special peppermint twist. Realize that you are taking in a hearty dose of antioxidants (aka, “disease-fighters”), and smile at yourself for making a wholesome, tasty treat. ♥


Peppermint Matcha Pick-me-up was featured in March’s teabox from, a monthly subscription box for tea lovers.

Featured tea: Peppermint Matcha Pick-me-up

M is for March and Matcha!

This tea packs a healthy kick of antioxidants (the equivalent of 10 cups of steeped green tea) with a fun flavour twist: peppy-cool peppermint. Refreshing, energizing, and satisfying, this matcha tastes great on its own, or in a latte. ♥


Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox. Peppermint Matcha Pick-me-up was featured in March’s teabox.

A love letter to tea


Are you a tea lover? Get fresh new blends of loose leaf tea delivered to your mailbox, every month! Check out the options at

8 Valentine messages for the tea lover

Love is in the air, and it’s that time of year when we remind those close to us that we love them — with sweet little messages!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together some cute* graphics for you to share with that special someone in your life. But of course, since you’re a tea lover, these have a special flavour.

*or cheesy? (we’ll let you decide)

Happy Steeping! ♥


A subscription to delivers tea happiness to your mailbox every month!

Featured tea: Gingerbread Chai

Each month, subscribers to receive 3 fresh, exciting blends of loose leaf tea, delivered right to their mailbox.

We were thrilled to deliver this winner in December’s teabox. It’s got adorable little gingerbread men quins, just for fun! Set in a luxury Ceylon base, this spicy and fragrant blend is likely to invigorate your mood as well as your teacup. Like Grandma’s fresh gingerbread, you need just a bit more…

Happy Steeping! ♥

Got questions about our teaboxes? Check out this FAQ page.


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